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Bill Discounting & Invoicing

Bill Discounting and Invoice Discounting under this type of lending, Bank takes the bill drawn by borrower on his (borrower's) customer and pay him

Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee is a guarantee given by the bank on behalf of the applicant to cover a payment obligation to a third party.

Packing Credit

Pre-shipment/Packing Credit' means any loan or advance granted or any other credit provided by a bank to an exporter for financing the purchase, processing,

Letter of Credit

A Letter of Credit is a contractual commitment by the foreign buyer's bank to pay once the exporter ships the goods and presents the

Factoring Services

Factoring Loan, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a flexible funding option where businesses sell their accounts receivable (invoices) to a third-party financial

Business Loan

The business loan meaning is a loan product offered to business owners who have a running company but require external funds for operations. The

Overdraft Loan

An overdraft loan is a type of financial instrument that allows one to withdraw funds from the current or savings accounts even when there

SME Loan

Loans offered for small and medium enterprises by banks and other lending institutions are called SME loans. Every bank/financial institution has its own

Working Capital Loan

Cash Credit facility is granted to the customers to bridge working capital gap. Cash Credit is granted against hypothecation of stock such as raw

Mortgage Loan

A mortgage loan is a secured loan that allows you to avail funds by providing an immovable asset, such as a house or